Tuesday, November 02, 2010

What the Flaming Heck.

I once was a knitter. I was confident in both my talents AND abilities - that is, I (thought I) was fairly adept naturally, and I had improved my skills with careful application.

Finally making these.

But this afternoon, while working on my first Mosey, I thought something didn't feel quite right - what should have been centred, wasn't.

I frowned.

I turned the knitting this way and that.

I noticed an odd abundance of purls.

So I counted.

How did I get this far, I ask myself, how on earth did I get 30 rounds in without noticing I had cast on not 76 stitches, but 64?

Thirty rounds is far.

I counted several times during cast on, and I was completely confident, 100% sure, that I had 76 stitches. If I had ended up with 66, that would be understandable. Ten less is easy - my brain is an (antiquated, painstaking, but effective) abacus, and occasionally when I mentally click over a blue bead, I get one too many. But twelve? Twelve less? What?

Even the four purl stitches together, on the needle join of a 2X2 rib, did not alert me.

Even now, I did not realise the truth.

So I am unravelling, and putting ice cream on my humble pie.

And my legs are still cold. Not warm at all.


kate said...

Happens to the best of us :)

Knitting keeps one humble. Sometimes horribly so.

Ssejors said...

Humble indeed. I cant tell you how many projects I have on the go because of something as simple as boredom, slipped stitches, and miss counting. I don't know if i will ever finish! You are still a hero to me Shan! Keep up the great work Muffin!

Carolyn said...

Yesterday I knit 4" of a scarf on size 4 needles. 4.0 mm, that is. I wanted US 4 needles. I even got them out ... then put them away instead of my size 6 (4.0mm) needles. ARGH!

Frog, cast on, and forwards!!!

Rona said...

Oh, those are lovely!

Glad you noticed the missing 12 stitches on the first one and not the second ;)

lizbon said...

Maybe I'm messing with your pattern-knitting mojo transcontinentally.

Jo said...

It's scary how the simplest things can floor us. I'm trying to make a baby sweater right now and it says to P1 YO P2tog. A friend has tried to explain it to me, but I am still confused over the YO-ing between 2 purl stitches - the yarn is already in the front!

Ames said...

I just don't know you anymore.

Dave Hingsburger said...

I noticed an odd abundance of purls.

Well, I hesitate to make the obvious pun ... that's a lie, I rush to make the obvious pun ...

Shannon, your writing is always filled with an abundance of pearls.

although this time i admit to not having the slightest clue what this was about, but still, pearls purls ... what's the diff

Annalea said...

As the Yarn Harlot so recently said (and I have since proven more than twice, ahem):

"Experienced knitters don't make fewer mistakes. We make bigger mistakes faster."

Welcome to the club!

Dave Hingsburger said...

inumpnes ... I am leaving a comment only because of inumpnes ... it's the word verification on right now. I challenge you Ms Half Soled Boots and your intrepid readers ... come up with a definition of inumpnes ... what would it mean if it were a word ... hmmm, a morning ponder

Gebotszeichen said...

But they look really awesome!