Friday, June 19, 2009


My list for today:

false eyelashes + adhesive
fake piercings
safety pins
large red faux flower + hairpin

clothing adhesive/double-faced tape
stick-on rhinestones
beaded fringe
Witch Hazel
ankle bells
outfit X 4
Rescue Remedy

Three guesses what I'm doing tonight.


Jadekitty said...

Belly Dancing?

lizbon said...

Ha! I have insider info so it's not fair for me to guess. But have a great time! Shake it, sister.

kate said...

I'm so excited! We're going to take over the joint :)

I'm curious about the Swiffer ....

carlarey said...

I'll need to see photographic proof or my imagination will just go straight to the gutter. It was all chaste until you mentioned the Swiffer.

Brenda said...

I'm looking forward to the performance tonight too, but cannot figure out what on earth the swifter would be for!?!

kate said...

Had to say - the ad on the side is for toupee tape.

Funny funny funny.

And you were fabulous.