Sunday, March 29, 2009

Exercise in futility? Check.

Well, yeah, we did Earth Hour. Not sure that it made much difference, as we were the only ones on the stinking street with our lights off.

Jeepers, people, get on the freaking bandwagon already.

There should be one of those big levers like Madeline Kahn pulls in the movie Clue. Then I could shut off the whole neighbourhood at once, will they or nill they.

Sewing update, as if you cared.

The fabric I was going to use for Em's dress is a no-go. Too heavy for a child. I took her to the fabric store and let her choose her own. HUGE tactical error. More on that later.

Knitting update.

Fern was going smashingly until I started bringing it to Wednesday knit nights, where I made mistake after mistake, resulting in me ripping the second sleeve back to the wrist and reknitting it. It's the stripes - I blame it all on the bloody stripes. My feeble brain has trouble remembering which is Colour B, which is Colour C, which is Colour D, and which Colour E.

Colours A and F are easy.

So basically things are going pretty damn crappy here at HSB. I meant to publish a review tomorrow but if I write it now I have a feeling Blogger will lose the entire thing and I'll have to start over. Not to mention I am in such a foul mood that I'll probably pillory the poor author, making my Blackstrap Hawco review sound like an epic hymn in praise of the purest, highest art.

I'm outta here. See you tomorrow if I can muster the will, with a review (hopefully) or more bitching (probably).


Gwen said...

I love you at your bitchy best. Get some sleep, and things will look up in the morning. Love you.

mel said...

I care deeply about your sewing and knitting (and find it awesome that your daughter picked out the fabric even if it didn't work out) - And feel like a complete heel as I must have been in hibernation or something lately and completely missed the whole Earth Hour buzz.

I hope today is better!

Stace' said...

The Dawg and I celebrated Earth from 10:00-11:00. ;)

Dave Hingsburger said...

You know what I need when I'm feeling low, besides a cup of tea ... I need someone to go ... there, there, poor dear. So, with heartfelt fondness, with loving intonations, with honey over the words .... THERE, THERE, POOR DEAR. Now, all better, right?

Jo said...

Go eat some chocolate. NOW!

Annalea said...

Go watch "The Boy in Striped Pyjamas". Puts things back in perspective.

And I agree . . . I wish more people would get on the bandwagon. For the first time in our marriage, we're forced to live too close to a state highway, (complete with stoplights), and the health effects are frustrating. Go outside and take some deep breaths of your relatively clean air for me! :o)

Ames said...

Maybe everyone on your street was supporting the "Alaskans for Global Warming" movement.

Ruth said...

let me tell you, the fact that you can knit means you are 1,000,000 times up on the rest of us humble wannabes! Hope the rest of your week goes smoothly...stripes and all!! :)

Rona said...

Well we also participated in Earth hour just one block away from you and I have to agree that it seemed as though no one else on my street or the next street over were participating at all. But on the other hand I think sometimes if start by setting the example and spreading the word it tends to be kind of like baby steps, and hopefully next year more people will participate.

Erin said...

We switched our lights out as did a few people in the neighbourhood. But, Vancouver Island only conserved ~3%. Sure I didn't unplug my fridge or freezer, but still only 3% on Vancouver Island? Hats off to Hartley Bay who conserved 100%! Regardless of what others did, we did our best to conserve. Hopefully it'll be a far greater percentage next year.

Penny said...

Sounds like you're having a tough time. I can definitely relate to the knitting night unprogress.

kate said...

Wool flows through fingers,
Lights or no lights the wheel spins,
Turning moods around.

lizbon said...

a) Did she go straight for the silk duponi, or was it a case of option overload?

b) My poor girl! I wondered if things were bending in a crapular direction when you got quiet. Though of course, sometimes one just wants to be quiet for other reasons.

kate said...

Oh wait, you're not a big fan of haiku I remember.

How about limericks?

There once was a woman named Shan,
Who concocted a wonderful plan.
She would silently creep
While the neighbours were asleep
And turn off every light and fan.

Or perhaps rhymes?

Despair and woe is she,
When nothing seems to go right.
But soon her mind will be free
As she spins all through the night.
Then her daughter's dress,
And the rest of her troubles,
Will cause her no more stress
Than a sky full of bubbles.

Ok, that's all I've got. Smiling yet?

Gwen said...

Right, Kate definitely wins this round.